Welcome to Green Light Philosophy

Welcome to the mess!

I don’t know why I made ^ that sentence ^ pink, but here we are.

It is with a heavy heart that I have taken down all my book posts. It is with an even heavier heart that I no longer feel connected to this space. There’s nothing I need to say, nothing I can hold myself accountable for, nothing that excites me now.

I love writing and sharing words, but it is necessary to take a step back and discover anew why I want to be in this space. I am tired of putting up posts I am not proud of just to get something up and just to collect a few views. I want to write for me again and about things I care deeply about.*

There are two new posts in the side bar about composting and sustainability. *This is one of those things I do care deeply about. So much so that I approached a company I use for composting, called Compost Haste and asked if I could freelance blog for them. I excitedly began writing and turned out two articles in the first two months. That was maybe six months ago and I have yet to write anything new. My ability to do good work, quick work, or work I could with good conscious accept payment for has left me. I have unfortunately let go of this wonderful opportunity to freelance because I do not feel that I have the skill necessary.

I do love the company and the woman responsible though, so I still want to share those posts, just not through a paid opportunity. Please do go check those articles out. Please sign up for compositing in your area. Companies like Compost Haste make it so easy to keep trash out of landfills. It is vital to the health of our planet that we think more critically about waste, packaging, single use items, etc.

I’ll get back to writing in the new year!