Fall Poems


I don’t know if I’ve ever been happy from the inside before
External happiness sure – outside things make me happy; movies, books, food, friends, family
but not from me, not from within
I feel like I’m vibrating now, ever so slightly
My soul and my heart are emanating these tiny, excited shakes
I’ve shaken before all the time, from nerves
I’ve known the madly bouncing knees, restless legs, twitching eyes, and tapping fingers
This is different, slower, warmer
Vibrating like this, this low humming of a happy heart…
Is this real happy? Will it stick around?
I could get used to this



You made me out of scraps
I had torn myself into thin strips, convinced I was unworthy
I ripped up my confidence, slashed my purpose, and destroyed my happiness
These fragments of my life flapped in the wind, barely attached to my body
You came along and you got to work stitching them together again
Day by day you fixed what was broken
With every kind word, every time you chose me, called me beautiful and strong
every shared laugh we had pulled the stiches tighter until I was all sewn up
I’ll never come undone again – I can no longer be pulled apart
You’re too good a surgeon



Pay special attention to the fluttering in your stomach
It could be butterflies, maybe, best case scenario
But It could also be wasps
more than likely



My greatest peace comes late at night
As I write you out of my heart, onto these pages by candlelight



Thank you for writing your raw heartache
I’ve read the words and used them as bandages for my broke spirit
I absorbed the hurt, because I understood it
With a barrier of your words around my wounded soul, I have the courage to get up each morning
I’m so sorry you had to hurt so I could heal



Don’t mistake my kindness for forgiveness
I am just above being as cold as you
That’s the difference here, the difference between us
You had no reason to treat me terribly
But you did
I have every reason to treat you terribly
But I won’t



Raindrops often fall from my eyes
I can’t always contain the ceaselessly raging storm within



Nature can cure you if you allow her
The rain will wash away pain, even deep pain that you’ve come to accept
If you can just brave the downpour long enough



Raindrops are nature’s sloppy kisses
Stand in the gentle showers and let mother nature adore you



The sea needs your heartbreak
The salt water is jealous of those tears
Leave them here, you’ve no use for them anymore


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