Fall Poems II

Notes in a basket
paper memories recall
the best of this life


I am not the girl I used to be
But who is this stronger, happier me
I don’t know quite yet; this person’s brand new
Better acquaint myself quick, before this identity’s gone too


Can you ever be content if you’re a dreamer
Schemes get bigger, goals loftier, ideas beyond measure
Will anything be enough – will the urge to capture the best of this world lessen
Before the dreamer attempts to swallow the sun in its entirety


We watch the sun go down nearly every day
Today, there was a sunset so beautiful it could make you cry
It looked just like a painting, like it wasn’t even real

The clouds weren’t clouds, but texture on canvas
And my favorite blue appeared at the fading light’s edge

I pointed it out, explained its in-between-ness
Not way up in the purple and deep ink of night
But low, near the yellow, next to the last breath of today

Look too high or too low and you’d miss it.

This specific blue resides only in sunsets at the very leaving of day;
In the sun’s softest light, it sits for a short time
The most gorgeous in between place
Where fairy tales reside

You thanked me for appreciating the beauty in the world
And I thanked you for appreciating me

As my favorite color seeped into the dark..
The last light dripped below the horizon..
We went inside and loved all the harder, having just seen such beauty


I dyed my hair red recently
Out of the corner of my eye, I catch it on my shoulders
Turning fast to see who is there, I realize it’s me
I look so different
Maybe this time I can trick myself into being someone new


This love seat dips in the middle
The cushions give way too much
Sitting on it together each morning, half asleep, coffee in hand
We drift silently together
Thrown together by gravity, but satisfying our need to snuggle



3 thoughts on “Fall Poems II

  1. Your poetry is hands down the best thing ever. When I read your words.. I can hear you speaking to me and I can feel your emotions! Thank you so much for being so raw and so open with your writing. I get so many chills from reading your poems and your words and I can not wait to read more of your poetry!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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