A Book Club Beginning; Sadie

Long have I wished to start a book club at the office. After years of recruiting girls only to have them depart and years of pushing books into hands only to have them returned unread or undiscussed, it has finally happened. The stars have aligned and Houston, we have a book club. The best girls said yes at the best moment and I can feel the collective excitement; it’s time. The first book up for discussion: Sadie.

Sans dust jacket.

Sadie was a whirlwind read. At least four participants finished the week we decided on the book, many of us in three days or less. This was the perfect story to begin with because it’s essentially a podcast. My coworkers and I LOVE a good podcast. We’re all fans of: To Live and Die in LA and the Dropout. Many of us listen to Welcome to Night Vale and And That’s Why We Drink. Podcast junkies we are!

This hit all our buttons: missing girls, true crime feel, podcast format: check, check, check. If this also sounds like a book for you and your friends, join us! These are the questions I’m bringing to the book club meeting. Feel free to answer in the comments, use them for your book club, or add your own below!


– Sadie typically picks up on how other characters speak. Do you think this is because of her speech impediment? What traits/patterns do you pick up on in other people? Why?

– Did you like the back and forth formatting? Podcast / Sadie… Podcast / Sadie? Was it easy to follow? Did it add to the suspense?

– Think about the postcard. Could this have turned out differently?

– Most everyone in the story is complex and flawed; there’s a lot of gray area. Are there any good guys? Who would you say are the true good guys? Who are the bad guys? Anti-heroes?

– Discuss the sibling dynamic; Sadie being a mother to Mattie. What other stories have siblings who take care of the other? Is there always resentment there?

– Does your group agree on the ending?

My first day of reading.




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