Measure Your Life in Love * From the Song; My Week in Love

I’ve been up today since about 6:30 a.m., in the living room with coffee since 7 a.m. This day of our Lord, March the first 2020 is the first day of my Whole30 challenge. As a result, my normally sweet, vanilla coffee tastes like hot dirt. The rules graciously allowed me a bit of non-sweetened almond milk, so basically water and a dash of cinnamon. Good stuff.

As I sit on the couch and drink my dirt water, the back door is open. Breezes blow inside and gently rustle my hair. Barely even a whisper of wind, really. What actually floats in is the harsh beep of construction vehicles backing up. There’s bird song too. Always the birds. I have to strain to hear it though, really push away the city sounds. I don’t even know what’s being built right now. Nothing necessary, I don’t think. Another concrete slab, another warehouse.

There’s been a poem in my head for a while, maybe all last week. I sat down yesterday on a semi-peaceful morning to write it out. The subject matter: love, of course. Not romantic love though, rather all the other kinds. Friends, family, dogs, strangers, favorite foods and movies. That kind of love. There’s so much of it to go around; it’s everywhere. The trouble, though, it that it is often disguised as a normal moment; tough to decipher as love. The L word isn’t the stuff of movies and wedding vows only. The idea to write about a love like this came, of course, from a book of poetry.

I’ve taken to keeping a poetry collection in the bathroom, on the back of the toilet. I hold firm to the belief that poetry and dog comics should sit in bathroom baskets and on toilet backs across America. Pillow Thoughts II by Courtney Peppernell resides in my commode currently. The poem below spoke to me the other day, and I’d like to copy the format using love from my own week. Maybe I’ll do this regularly to remind myself how good I truly have it. That every single day, seemingly insignificant moments can nevertheless ignite a tiny spark that billows into a heart on fire with joy.




Love is more than romantic kisses and weddings. Love is sitting outside, in the sun, on the first free lunch break in weeks, It’s an inside joke shared in the parking lot. Love is the exposed furry belly of an extremely comfy dog – belly up, toes up. It is an evening spent cutting out magazine pages to make vision boards. Extra love if there’s pizza and wine. Love is finishing a 5-Star read knowing the characters will stay with you long after the book is closed. It’s the brain wave of your realtor texting you to check out an open house on Bellville Dr. just as you and your fiancé get to Bellville Dr, because you saw the Open House sign. Love is seeing a favorite co-worker on her first day back after taking a few sick days. Love is lunch at La Madeline where everyone in attendance cleans their plates because you’d all been craving it together. Love is out there. Available for the taking and the giving. 

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