I’m a Globe

This is a loose sonnet that poet, Rupi Kaur walked her followers through during an instagram live poetry workshop. I was one of over 8,000 people in attendance. I laughed and I cried and I wrote. Sitting in isolation in my self-quarantine, but connecting with so many people all writing and trying to feel something was beautiful.

Rupi gave us 14 questions to answer in order to make this 14 line poem. We were to pick an inanimate object and write from the point of view of that object. I’ve written the question for each line in light text on top of each line. Read the poem as is, then highlight the text to see the questions given.  

What are you?
I’m a cork sphere on which you mark your past travels; I am barely filled in

How do you feel?
I feel naked, plain, empty: ignored and stationary

Where do you want to be?
I’d rather not be in a corner, but a place of honor; surrounded by treasures from your travels

Who do you have relationships with?
I have relationships with all my metaphorical places – I love the real people across my surface

What do you dream of?
I dream of being filled in with colorful push pins; filled with proof of places seen

What is your biggest fear?
There’s a fear inside me that I may remain unexplored; my most beautiful places never visited

What do you want others to think of you?
I want others to think of me as welcoming

What keeps you up at night?
Knowing the real Earth is in pain keeps me up at night; if I can inspire travel and connection, I can fix it

What is the best thing you’ve ever done?
The best thing I’ve done is stand bare, yet brave, unafraid – ready for you to and wander across me

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
The worst thing I’ve done is cause fear, not all of my places are safe and I have too little resources

What time of day is your favorite?
Mornings inspire me the most; a full day ahead to explore

What is your purpose?
To inspire movement and curiosity is my purpose 

How do you want people to remember you?
I want people to remember me as something they explored a little only to find themselves fully



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