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Hello again!

My name is Dimery Rene. *Bullet point introductions below (No particular order):

  • Lord of the Rings Obsessive. Middle Earth is my true home.
  • Sherlock LIVES – Moriarty was real – 221B Forever.
  • Bucky Barnes is not a villain.
  • Black nail polish, dark lipstick, and combat boots are my favorite accessories.
  • I have a fur baby named Bailey; she’s an Aussie Shepherd and Rot mix.
  • I currently have red hair, but have had pink, purple, and blue.
  • Ravenclaw.
  • INFJ.
  • Oxford comma enthusiast.
  • Painting newb.
  • Lover of coffee, junk food, more coffee, and dessert of all kinds. Getting used to eating healthy.
  • Media professional by day, lover of all things advertising and marketing.
  • Engaged to a sweetie.
  • Dead flowers > live flowers.
  • Podcast lover.

This blog has changed a lot in the year and a half it has been live. I started out with posts strictly about poetry and my bookish tattoos. Now I write about bookclubs and painting and travel too. This is primarily a book blog still, but I am morphing it into something more personal. The tattoo and poetry sections are still up, though haven’t been given love in a while. I am enjoying the way this site is evolving. I just wish I could take better photos so the pages have a more cohesive feel. However, I am learning every day, so join me and we can grow together!

-Love Dim