Tattoos and books are two of my favorite things, and I’ve combined my love for them in my tattoo series. Read that page and you’ll find essays on each of my literary tattoos; why I got them, and what they mean. The beautiful ideas that stayed in my mind long after reading, are now etched into my skin with beautiful artwork. So check out my body art and comment or email if you’ve also got literary ink!

Poetry has been my obsession for nearly two years. I read and recommend it like crazy. All kinds of poetry all the time. Pay it Forward Poetry is my poetry growing project in which I pass around a collection of poems and have people show me which ones they identify most with by placing some kind of marker on the page. We’ve done little flags, post it notes, stickers, writing names… My hope is that, on occasion, folks in my circle will buy the books and start poetry circles of their own to get even more depth out of each collection. Check out that page to see the different books we’ve read and how they went!

The section on themes houses updates on my yearly reading themes. I’ve focused for a while on one avenue a year. Feminism, diversity, beauty, and creativity (2019) are all themes I’ve done. For this year, my bookish theme is bleeding into my life in a big way.

Poetry made me do it is a section about just that – Ideas and inspiration I’ve incorporated into my life that started in a poetry book somewhere. Poetry is endlessly inspiring and I hope to always be forced into new things from reading lyrical words.

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