Spring Poems II; In Which I Make Too Many Paper Metaphors

FORGOTTEN POETRY FOUND IN JOURNALS Funny how it could have been written yesterday: Crossed-legged Elbows resting on the sides of the tub Head hanging down In the stocks Punishing myself for being sad without reason Waiting for it to pass ..... SITTING IN BED WRITING BEFORE YOU CAME IN AND SAID: I sit in bed [...]

Writing Challenge Week 1

Monday: Write a poem/story/list/sentence about what you miss during the winter months. WILDFLOWER GIRLS AND TRAPPED DRESSES - summer dresses, folded small and forlorn from distant memory and cold storage they beg to be worn stuffed crudely in plastic bins with lids shut tight missing the feel of a body's curves in the sun's warm light ... winter's cruel lack of radiance causes bleak and [...]

I Create, Therefore I Am; Why My Year of Beauty was a Bust and How Creativity Will be Better.

It is no secret that I love a good yearly theme. I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating. My themes usually just apply to my reading for that year, but have now morphed into all aspects of life. 2016 was the year of feminism. 2017 was the year of diversity. 2018 was the year [...]